The Challenge

The challenge: Take 4-5 weeks to be intentional about eating food that comes from your local area.  (you get to choose what ‘local’ means to you – we recommended within 100 miles if possible, striving for 60-80% of your food coming from these local sources)  We recommend choosing food grown organically (with or without the official label) whenever possible.

After a week of scouting and preparing, the active challenge weeks include the following activities:





We will share with each other our go to recipes, shopping and food preservation tips, and provide each other with support along the way.

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We do a group challenge in the month of August, but you are welcome to join in anytime.   (All people who took the challenge in August (sign up by joining the facebook group or sending an email to were entered into a drawing for a copy of Prairie Grown and a gift basket from The Carrot Seed Kitchen.  Check back for details on the next group challenge!)

This challenge is offered for free, but donations are welcome! (suggested ~ $5-10)

You can donate via paypal here: PayPal