Eat Local Worksheet

Use the following prompts to set yourself up for success!  A downloadable version of this worksheet can be found here: Eat Local Challenge Facebook Support Community

My list of local food providers:


My local farmer’s market:




Veggies/fruits available:


 My local farm stands/U pick options:


Times open:


Seasonal dates available:


Veggies/fruits available at U Pick:


Fruits and/or veggies I can pick/purchase/grow in bulk and freeze, dry or can:


Fruits/veggies I grow myself:


My Commitment:


I,                                                         , make a commitment to myself, my community and the earth, that for the next four weeks, I will source at least 60-80% of my food from local providers – i.e. food that is grown and produced within [approximately 100] miles of my home.


My reasons for doing this:


Challenges that will need to be addressed:



Benefits I wish to see as a result of my efforts:


Let the challenge begin! (and continue..)